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Rome Reborn in the News! I'm on CBS news tonight and read the New York Times tomorrow!!

It's our 15 minutes of fame v 2.0!!! Early this morning in Rome was the official launch of our Rome model into Google Earth / press release. It's all over the internet and going to be in the New York Times 'circuit' section tomorrow! I just got interviewed by CBS 19 news and I am going to be on the air tonight! It was totally impromptu, I hope I wasn't too awkward. The story is being picked up by AP so it's going to get populated all over the internet... just google 'Rome Reborn Google Earth'!

Anyway, if you want to check it out, I think the story goes live on the evening news at 5pm EST, Channel 19 if you are in Charlottesville, or if not, you can watch it on the internet HERE !

What is so exciting is that FINALLY our model is being distributed over the internet and can be viewed by the general public! It's useful to everyone from students, history buffs, tourists, and Rome enthusiasts to archaeologists, as the whole thing serves as a georeferenced interface, via the info bubbles we have included, to the Platner-Ashby Encyclopedia of Roman Topography, the bibliography of the German Archaeological Institute, and the Stanford Forma Urbis project which contains the scan data from the large marble plan of ancient Rome. More links still to come!

We also released a brand new 2.0 version of the Rome Reborn website, completely redone with content generated by yours truly! There are some great images and videos under 'gallery'. The URL is!
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